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About Us

Lucid Diagnostics is a highly differentiated, medical device innovator with products designed to diagnose and treat conditions of the esophagus, including conditions arising from chronic heartburn which may lead to esophageal cancer.

Our Mission

Lucid Diagnostics aims to empower clinicians to save lives by accurately detecting Barrett’s Esophagus (BE) in an office setting at a stage when it can be effectively managed or treated to prevent progression to highly lethal esophageal cancer.

Lucid Diagnostics is developing a revolutionary technology such as a non-invasive, office-based targeted cell collection device (EsoCheck) and a lab-based, DNA biomarker test (EsoGuard) to detect the precursor condition (Barrett’s Esophagus or BE) to highly lethal esophageal cancer.


Lucid’s technology was highlighted in the National Cancer Institute’s 2020 Annual Plan and Budget Proposal to Congress as one of the year’s significant advances in cancer prevention and has been shown to be highly accurate at detecting BE in a published study.

Lucid is pursuing a two-phase strategy seeking to maximize the EsoGuard technology’s long-term commercial opportunity while providing near-term value-inflection milestones.

The first phase seeks to launch EsoGuard as a lab-developed test (LDT) while separately commercializing EsoCheck as an FDA 510(k)-cleared cell collection device. The second phase seeks an indication for widespread screening using EsoGuard on samples collected by EsoCheck through the FDA de novo or PMA regulatory pathway.

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Lucid Diagnostics is a subsidiary of PAVmed Inc.

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