Sample the disease, not everything else

Collect surface esophageal cells non-invasively in just a few minutes

EsoCheck® with Collect+Protect Technology is a quick, non-invasive way for clinicians to collect esophageal cells for analysis, without endoscopy. The small EsoCheck capsule, similar in size to a daily vitamin or gel cap, is easy for patients to swallow. 

Collect+Protect Technology

Sample the area where abnormal cells are found.

A textured balloon expands from the EsoCheck capsule to swab the surface of the lower esophagus to collect the cells used for analysis. The unique design of EsoCheck allows the balloon to invert back into the capsule, protecting the cell sample from contamination in the upper esophagus and mouth during retrieval.

How it Works

Novel, proprietary,

Office-based procedure
Targeted Distal Esophagus Cell Collection
Sample the area where abnormal cells are found
Balloon captures a 360˚ sample
Fast Procedure
No waiting time, capsule doesn't need to dissolve

Patient REcommended

Easy to swallow

In clinical testing, most patients found the EsoCheck capsule easy to swallow and would recommend the procedure to others.1

Recommended by National Gastroenterological Societies

The EsoCheck cell collection device is featured in the 2022 American College of Gastroenterology Clinical Guideline.

The American College of Gastroenterology and the American Gastroenterological Association recommend nonendoscopic screening.2,3

"We suggest that a swallowable, nonendoscopic capsule device combined with a biomarker is an acceptable alternative to endoscopy for screening for BE."
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