Insurance + Billing

How do we work with your insurance?

Lucid Diagnostics accepts all insurance plans and directly bills your medical insurance carrier for the EsoGuard test. Our team is focused on gaining EsoGuard coverage.

Learn more about what to expect from our work with insurance

Download the What to Expect after your EsoGuard Test Guide:

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How do we make our test affordable to patients?

At Lucid Diagnostics, we understand that navigating healthcare cost can be overwhelming. We are committed to working with each patient’s individual financial situation to ensure that the cost is not a barrier to getting the service you need.

Patient out-of-pocket cost will vary depending on your insurance and the terms of your plan. If there is a cost after insurance finalized processing your claim and you cannot afford it, we designed a Financial Assistance Program that helps reduce the impact for qualified patients. The program is available to all patients, and you can apply at any point during your testing experience (prior to getting tested or after we completed our work with your insurance). If you do qualify, your cost share might be reduced or eliminated completely.

The process to apply is very simple. Download the application form below and email the completed form to

Download Application form

You can also reach out to us at 1-888-LucidDx (888-582-4339), or via email and one of our dedicated agents will be happy to pre-qualify you and assist with the application process.

All applications are processed within 2 business days and the results are communicated to you via your preferred communication method.

For those who are not qualified for coverage through our Financial Assistance Program, we offer multiple payment plans.

Please contact us at if you are concerned about out-of-pocket cost and would like to discuss your options.

How to make a payment?

Make a payment online

Received a statement and looking to make a payment online?

Pay my bill

Received a check from your insurance

If you received a check from your insurance with the payment for our test, please, follow these steps:

  1. Endorsement of Check: Kindly sign the check on the back and endorse it to LucidDx Labs.
  2. Submission of Documents: Along with the endorsed check, please submit all relevant paperwork (Explanation of Benefits) promptly. This ensures that the payment is appropriately allocated to Lucid Diagnostics services.
  3. Mailing Address: Mail the endorsed check and the paperwork to LucidDx Labs, Inc PO Box 23548 New York, NY 10087-3548

For any additional questions, please contact us at 1-888-LucidDx (888-582-4339), or email